eVisa to Cambodia – Guide for Travelers

The Electronic Visa or e-Visa to Cambodia allows visitors to apply for a visa through an online process. If you are planning to visit Cambodia, then the below steps you must keep in mind while traveling to Cambodia.

Apply for eVisa to Cambodia

eVisa Cambodia
eVisa Cambodia

What is eVisa to Cambodia?

In April 2006, the e-Visa to Cambodia was launched to support the growing tourism industry by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cambodia. The e-Visa authorizes visitors to enter the kingdom of Cambodia for up to 90 days without having to issue any visa at Cambodian airports or embassies. You simply have to fill out the online form and pay with a debit or a credit card instead of applying from the Cambodia embassy.

Apply for eVisa to Cambodia

Who requires eVisa to Cambodia?

The countries which are expected to apply for a visa in advance are Myanmar, Afghanistan, Algeria, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nigeria, and South Africa. For more information, tourists are required to visit our website to learn more about visa application processes.

Apply for eVisa to Cambodia

eVisa to Cambodia
eVisa to Cambodia

How to get eVisa to Cambodia?

Today, it’s a seamless procedure to obtain e-visas from Cambodia since the application form can be submitted online in just a few clicks. Our website delivers brand-new e-Visa generation which allows travelers to prepare their trip as quickly as possible while compared to standard travel visas.

Apply for eVisa to Cambodia

Points to be noted

In addition to this, various processes are there for a traveler to keep in mind while traveling to Cambodia.

Validity of eVisa to Cambodia

E-visa will be accessed only once while visiting Cambodia and a request should be initiated separately during your another visit. The visa will be valid for 3 months from the day of issue. For 30 consecutive days, you can stay once you first land in Cambodia.

How long can you stay in Cambodia?/

Visitors can spend up to thirty consecutive days following their initial date of entry.

What’s the entry type?

Single Entry is only issued for e-Visa to Cambodia.

When you have to apply for eVisa to Cambodia?

You can apply for e-visas just a few days before your trip. E-visa applicants should visit our website to check the status of their request. Your eVisa will be rejected if you apply before 90 days from your trip.

Apply for eVisa to Cambodia

Do you have to print your eVisa?

Please ensure that you take printed copies of eVisa with you while traveling. It is advised to take two copies of the e-Visa. When you arrive in Cambodia, offer one copy to the immigration and keep one for departure. Black and White prints are also accepted.

How long your passport has to be valid?

A minimum of 180 days from the date of arrival into Cambodia should apply to your passport. If you have blank pages and a damaged passport, entry to the country is usually refused.

Is there is any Visa on Arrival?

Visa on arrival will be available at international airports in Cambodia. You should travel with a passport-sized picture to get a visa on arrival.

Is overstay possible in Cambodia?

It is not recommended, however, when you leave your country, you are permitted to extend your visa by paying a fine at the immigration. Ensure that your passport is stamped and the departure form is with you on arrival. You will have to notify immigration authorities before you leave the country and make alternative plans if you lose the departure form. If you exceed your visa, you can be charged and deported too. The penalty for the overstay of the validity period of your visa is $10 per day.


Benefits of using eVisa to Cambodia

You don’t have to go to the embassy, hence, you can apply for your eVisa directly from our website online in a safe and secure manner. The process is safe and so well-arranged that you can obtain your eVisa in email even before you reach Cambodia. With an e-Visa in your pocket, you do not have to visit the consulate and you can avoid the long queues at the airport too. To apply for an e-visa, check our website and visit the Kingdom of Cambodia!

Apply for eVisa to Cambodia